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Jeffrey Modell Centers Network

Jeffrey Modell Centers Network

The Jeffrey Modell Centers Network (JMCN) is comprised of over 50 Diagnostic & Research Centers worldwide and more than 300 referral physicians at 138 academic teaching hospitals and medical schools in 39 countries and 120 cities, spanning 6 continents.

View  the JMCN U.S. Map
View the JMCN U.S. Map
View  the JMCN World Map
View the JMCN World Map

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation is proud to support research, diagnosis, and treatment throughout the United States, as well as in countries all over the world through the Jeffrey Modell Centers Network.

Current JMCN initiatives include:
  • $12 million research collaboration with NIH
  • Robert A. Good/Jeffrey Modell International Fellowship in Transplantation and Immunodeficiency
  • IVIG Trough Levels Study
  • best practices guidelines for diagnosis
  • outcome measures and data capture
  • novel therapies
  • newborn screening guidelines assessing technology and costs
  • expansion of the Physician Education and Public Awareness Campaign
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