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Translational Research Program

Jeffrey Modell Foundation Research Programs

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation is dedicated to advancing research in order to better understand and treat Primary Immunodeficiencies. Through two key research initiatives - the Translational Research Program and the Specific Defect Research Program - JMF aims to support innovative and novel investigations with the overall goal to advance clinical recognition, diagnostic tools, and innovative therapies that will improve health outcomes and quality of life of those living with Primary Immunodeficiency.

Find out more about the following JMF Research Programs:

I.     Translational Research Program

The purpose of this Program is to support innovative and novel investigations in Primary Immunodeficiency, focusing on translational research leading to meaningful clinical application. It is the objective of this program to advance the growing knowledge of genotype-phenotype correlations and gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of immune function and dysfunction.

II.     Specific Defect Research Program

The goal of the Specific Defect Research Program is to support research to study the mechanisms and presentation of specific defects of the immune system, leading to a better understanding of the conditions and their impact on overall health outcomes.

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