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  Discussion Topic: 3 year old is always sick any advice

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07-22-2004 @ 4:37 PM                          
  My three year old daughter has always been sick with sinus infections, rsv, pnemonia. Every month she has a bout of something. I have switched doctors and by doing sinus x-ray found both sinus are completely full she was on meds for 3 weeks and did nothing she is on a stronger med now 3 times a day and along with a nasal spray. She also does not show any reactions to the hib  vaccaination and had to get that again and will go back aug 17 to see if she responds to it if she does not he will send her to a different doctor does this sound like immune deficiency???

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06-11-2005 @ 11:36 AM                          
  This sounds just like my son...we went through 2 years of multiple hospital stays, sinus lavages twice, a PICC line For IV antibiotics, and 2 sets of tubes for ear infections before we found out that he has an Immune Defenicey...he was diagnosed in November and he has been undergoing IVIG since and we have seen a world of change. Now he does still get some infections but the number has decreased, since Nov he has had Strept throat, 1 sinus infecton and he was in the hospital last week for a few days but that is much better than before. Just stay on your Dr. about testing for my sons diagnoses we underwent Pneumochocial vaccines and then tested his immune system to see how he responded, and he did not respond therefore he was able to be diagnosed and then receive the proper treatment. We have a wonderful Immunologist and if it was not for him we would have never found out. My son has just turned 3 so I can feel your pain with the constant infections.

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