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PI Awareness Campaign
Many Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) diseases can easily be diagnosed and effective treatment options are available. However, awareness of PI is sometimes lacking. As a result, many patients are left undiagnosed and untreated. In response, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) established a Public Awareness and Physician Education Campaign to encourage earliest possible diagnosis, access to appropriate treatments, and to create greater awareness of these diseases among physicians and the general public.

JMF created the first ever Public Service Advertising Campaign for Primary Immunodeficiencies. The Campaign reaches the general public through television, radio, malls, airport dioramas, outdoor billboards, the Web, bus shelters, and magazines.

This year, JMF has created an ALL NEW PSA Campaign, "When I Grow Up", to continue raising public awareness. "When I Grow Up" speaks to the wonderment of a child's dream; a dream of a future without hospital visits, sleepless nights, and without fear. It speaks to the dreams of playing baseball, fighting fires, becoming a chef, and even becoming a glittery rock star. This Campaign highlights a milestone occasion for the Foundation - "25 Years and Still Reaching for the Stars".

The PSA's have been aired on network TV programs including: 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, the Today Show, the Tonight Show, The Early Show, 20/20, Nightline, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Jeopardy, and during many televised sporting events. Full-page 4-color ads have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, People Magazine, Bazaar, Parents magazines, and many others.

The Campaign, now in its seventh year, is supported, in part, by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Print Ad Campaign
When I Grow Up...
View the Rock Star Print Ad
View the Rock Star Ad (564KB)
View in Spanish (1.95MB)
View the Fireman Print Ad
View the Fireman Ad (525KB)
View the Chef Print Ad
View the Chef Ad (502KB)
View the Baseball Print Ad
View the Baseball Ad (576KB)
View in Spanish (795KB)
Click the links above to view the "When I Grow Up" PSA Print Ads. These were designed to capture the viewer's attention and create further awareness of PI.
View PSA
View the All Stars PSA
Click the links below to view the "When I Grow Up" PSA Videos.
View the All Stars PSA (60s) View the All Stars PSA (60s)
View the Fireman PSA (30s) View the Fireman PSA (30s)
View the Baseball PSA (30s) View the Baseball PSA (30s)
View the Chef PSA (30s) View the Chef PSA (30s)
View the Rock Star PSA (30s) View the Rock Star PSA (30s)
View the Fireman PSA (15s) View the Fireman PSA (15s)
View the Rock Star PSA (15s) View the Rock Star PSA (15s)
Hear the Radio ads Listen to the All Stars PSA (60s)  Listen to the All Stars PSA (60s) Listen to the Chef PSA (30s)  Listen to the Chef PSA (30s)
Listen to the Fireman PSA (30s)  Listen to the Fireman PSA (30s) Listen to the Rock Star PSA (30s)  Listen to the Rock Star PSA (30s)
Listen to the Baseball PSA (30s)  Listen to the Baseball PSA (30s) Listen to the Awareness PSA (15s)  Listen to the Awareness PSA (15s)
JMF Video
JMF Video
The content may be a little dated, but the interviews are timeless...
Please view this video to learn more about living with PI and the progress being made by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation.
Running Time: 6 Minutes, 33 Seconds
 Play video
NIH Letter
NIH Letter
For more information on the National Institutes of Health and what they have done in the fight against PI, click here.
 Click here to view letter.
Immune System Poster
Immune System Poster
This poster is informative for nurses, parents, students, pediatricians, clinical registered nurses and day care centers.

View or print the poster online.
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