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SPIRIT Analyzer
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SPIRIT Analyzer

SPIRIT Analyzer
Software for Primary Immunodeficiency Recognition, Intervention, and Tracking

The SPIRIT Analyzer is a new software tool for use by healthcare organizations across the country for the identification of undiagnosed patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies (PI).

What is the reason for SPIRIT?
  • Disease Prevention
  • Electronic Recognition & Tracking
  • Reduction of Healthcare Costs
  • Improved Quality of Life for Patients
SPIRIT Analyzer
The SPIRIT Analyzer was developed by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation with support from the
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To download the SPIRIT Analyzer, please complete and submit the form below. Once your request has been approved, we will e-mail you a link and password to download the Analyzer or send you the Analyzer via CD (depending on your selection).

If you have any questions, would like more information about the SPIRIT Analyzer, or require technical assistance, please contact JMF by email: or through our toll free hotline:
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* JMF has created and imbedded HIPAA-compliant, de-identified, blinded data reports within the tool to allow you to partner with JMF, CDC, NIH, and others to advance our collective knowledge about PI and further enhance the program. While not required, JMF would greatly appreciate your participation. Would you be willing to share these reports with JMF when you refresh your data?
Yes, we will provide JMF with the imbedded reports, created for this purpose, each time we refresh the data.
Not right now, but I may consider at a later date. Please have someone contact me with additional information. For now, I would just like to download the tool.
I would like someone to contact me to provide more information about Primary Immunodeficiency (PI).
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The SPIRIT Analyzer was developed and is solely owned by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation (patent pending). This software is provided as a public service. Any unauthorized usage, duplication, modification, or transfer of this material, without express written consent of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, is strictly prohibited.
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